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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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week. have a great night! tonight: snow likely low: 19-25 winds: nw 15-25tomorrow: cloudy, sct. flurries high: 22-28 winds: nw 15-25 meteorologist chris havely joins us now live from our mobile weather lab. chris, what are you seeing out there?
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into the kcrg-t-t newsroom this afternoon. to check on your evening activities, check the bottom of head to kcrg dot com slash cancellations. you can also get all the latest weather updates straight to your phone by downloading the first alert weather app on google play or the
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the u-s attoey's office is working with the iowa department of transportation, the marion police department, and ototr groupspso end human trafficking in the state. their efforts result from president obama's declaration that january is national slavery and human trafficking prevention month. last year, the u-s attorney's office worked with truck drivers in evansdale to help them identify the warning signs of human trafficking and to get them to report trafficking when they see it. officers passed out wallet cards and decals with a hotline number. and they asked truckers to report any suspicions theyad of underage people being forceinto sex work. kcrg t-v nine's brea love joins us now from our newsroom. brea, what are local and state authorities doing this year to stop trafficking in the state? this morning a local human trafficking victim stood among marion, state, and us officials to share her story, and raise awareness. christi, who did not want to share her last name,
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home. she had plenty of run- ins with law enforcement, but she says they didn't see the signs. she says they labeled her as a prostitute and drug addict, and saw no hope for her. later, a police officer did ask the right questions and saved her life. now she wants to get the word out on how to help. christi says victims can be hard to see, but someone with no identification, poor health, and evidence of physical abuse could be strong signs. "if your gut tells you that something is wrong in a situation involving a man or woman you see, yes call the police, you could save someone's life." iowa law enforcementntagencies are working to continue to educate officers on how to spot a victim and wht questions to ask to save them. law enforcement asks if you do notice something unusual, or you think you might know of a victim.. the national human trafficking resource center hotline at 1-888-373-7888, that number is also listed
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kcrg dot com. live in the newsroom, brea love, kcrg-tv nine news. law enforcement and gun dealers say they're seeing more people buying guns and a alying for carry permits in iowa. the national instant criminal background check system says iowa had more than 25,941 firearm background checks in december. that's the highest number of checks of any month last year. sheriff offices say they're also seeing people coming in to renew their five-year carry permits. a state law went into effect in 2011 that let people apply for t tse five-year permits. so anyone who applied at that time must now renew their permit. iowa senator chuck grassley will hola judiciary committee hearing tomorrow concerning mentnt health issues in the criminal justice system. grassley chairs that committee. the committee will discuss a bill that would provide more grants for mental health programs. the mental health and safe communities act would also set up a program to send more offenders to drug or
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appropriate. they've been a long time comimg, but iowa's one week from tonight. republicans and democrats across the state will go to their designated precincts next monday night. caucusing involves much more than voting - it includes discussing candidates, picking convention delegates and dealing with state party business. this is video from the 2012 caucuses at a cedar rapids precinct. for some people new to the state, or new to voting, caucusing can be confusing. kcrg-tv9's sarah mccarty explains how it's done. "staff and students at cornell college are preparing for caucus night in a couple different ways. different areas on campus will serve as precinct locations for both parties. but for many students here this will be their first time experiencing a caucus - and today, mock caucuses are clearing up any confusion." 41:53 "i had heard the term primary, but i had never heard
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39:01 "t"tre's a little confusion on theheetails of what's going to happen. registration and things of that sort." 43:53 "it was kind of cool they had representatives from candidates speak, i didn't know that was a part of it. a lot of it was surprising to me."surprising ly simple is how many students here are describing the caucus process after a practice run today. nats - pledge of allegiance no matter which party you're causing for, the basics are the same. graphic y must bbregistered as a democrat or rereblican. but you can register the day of at your precinct location. if you don't know where to go, you can search for your site on the iowa secretary of state's website. once you arrive and sign in.. nats it changes by party. nats republicans will allow one person to speak on behalf of each candidate. then, it goes to a secret ballot. "in the precinct they'll vote for the candidates, we'll collect the ballots, they'll go count the ballots, and once they've counted them they'll fill out a form that'll be the offcial record from the precinct."ellis says about half of people
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county'sarty platform. nats s dems ' the democrats do it a little differently. organizers will count how many people show up. from there, caucus goers will form presidential preference groups. but that's not the end. 05:45 "in order to cast a ballot for a candidate, that candidate has to have what's called a viability threshold. which means they have to have a aleast 15 percent of f e vote for any votes to be cast for that particular candidate."tha at least one candidate meets the threshold. delegates are then awarded to preference groups based on their size. hassell says it all sounds complicated - but once you're there, the process is pretty quick and painless. 03:28 "you show up, you sign in and you participate." "now the most important part of this is really making sure you get to the right place.your caucus precinct is not necessarily where you go to vote in primaries or general
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to make sure you're heading to the right place, click on this story on kcrg dot com. we've put a link there to caucus location finder. in mount vern, sarah mcccthy, kcrg-tv9 news.. university of iowa police are stepping up security measures for republican donald trump's campaign rally on campus tomorrow night. they say candidate like trump that draw so many protesters present heightened security concerns. stay with tv9. university of iowa police are
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could be a wild day with presidential candidate donald trump on campus tomorrow. this will be trump's first visit to johnson county since he announced plans to run for president. trump has stirred up a lot of conttversy, and protesters have become common at his events. university of iowa police are expecting protesters both inside and outside the fieldhouse on campus where trump will speak tomorrow night. police say they won't stop protesters unless they become a threat to public safety. earlier this month, university police sent officers and bomb sniffing dds to cedar falls to help with a campaiai stop there. but at this point, everyone's just looking forward to next week. "i think we can honestly say we can't wait until the caucuses are here and over to give us some normalcy back, besides these political events we have a lot of stuff happening on campus, we've got basketball games, we've got a top ten baskball team that's doing
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events. " several more candidates are also expected to make appearances at the university of iowa before caucus night. republican presidential candidate ted cruz stopped in manchester todod just one week before the iowa caucuses. cruz told supporters at the fireside pub and steakhouse he plans to repeal the affordable care act if he's elected. he said he also wants to investigate planned parenthood. he said he has a better record as an anti-abortion advocate than his republican challengers. "now in a republican primary, everyone will tell us they are pro life. here is the question i suggest we ask: tell me when you stood up and fought to defend the right to life?" cruz asked supporters to bring friends and family with them to the polls to ensure his spot in the 2016 election. he met with more supporters in independence after his manchester stop. the iowa hawkeye basketball team right now is enjoying its highest rankings since 1987.
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staying grounded, and they're taking the season one game at a time. stay with your 24 hour news
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as ananrea of low pressure pulls to the northeast the
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state. as tuesday heads r way stronger northwest winds are expected. highs fall from the 30s the past couple of days into the 20s through wednesday. some flurries are possible late ednesday night but should not cause any major issues. looking ahead some milder weather approaches for t later part of the work week. have a great night! tonight: snow likely low: 19-25 winds: nw 15-25tomorrow: cloudy, sct. flurries hihi: 22-28 winds: nw 15-25tomorrow night: cloudy, sct flurries low: 15-21 winds: nw 5-15wednesday: mostly cloudy high: 27 - low: 18 thursday:
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flurries high: 34 - low: 22 friday: mostly cloudy high: 38 - low: 24 saturday: chance of rain/snow high: 39 - low: 28 sundayayareas ofofog/drizzle high: 37 - low: 28 monday: chance of rain/snow high: 36 - low: 28
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the iowa hawkeyes say they're staying focused after the a-p ranked them third best basketball team in in the nation.
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welcome to first avenue drawe are getting ready for on iowa live in just a few minutes over on kcrg 9.2. we have a great show tonight former hawkeye legend luke recker will joins us and weve got plenty to talk about. the hawkeyes are ranked 3rd in the ap poll and 4th in the coaches poll. it is the highest they have been ranked since 1987. but the players know it's early and they still have a lot of work to do. we have always believed we were a great team. i think we stay away from what we are ranked because the only ranking that matters is at the end of the year. it means a little bit now but it will mean a lot more later we are excited to get to 8-0 and 9-0 and further on right now it means one game at a time. we plala on the road at m myland thursday that right their will keep you grounded. that is the fun of the big 10 every night you
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the best teams in the country and it is going to be a great matchup for us. get to go into their place never been their before it is gonna be a fun one. :43 oc: "fun one " iowa center adam woodbury is turning into a double double machine.. he had another one yesterday in the 12 point win over purdue.. woody had 13 points and 10 boards. the stats k kd of go out the window in a game like this it is about the win. woody played outstanding he effected the game both offensively and defensively especially with rebounding he always sets great screens and offensively he finished everything around the rim. he played outstanding. over the years you can see the development in his game do to experience just being out their playing against really good players he was
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special " the cyclones moved up to 14th in the ap poll. iowa state will host fourth ranked kansas tonight on big monday.. congrats to monte morris who was named the big 12 player of the week today.. in addition to the game winner over the sooners. monte averaged 19 points, 4.5 assist and 3.5 rebounds in the cyclones two wins over oklahoma and tcu football news.. iowa quarterback c.j. beathard had surgery on a sports hernia. they said it went well and it will take 6 weeks to rehab. his status for spring ball is up in the air. and finally it's monday time
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edition of john's big ole fish and now to first alert storm team meteorologis
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as an area of low pressure pulls to the northeast the light snow moves east of the state. as tuesday heads our way stronger northwest winds are expected. highs fall from the 30s the past couple of days into the 20s through wednesday. some flurries are possible late wednesday night but should not cause any major issues. looking ahead some mildede weather approaches or the later part o o the work week. have a great night! tonight: snow likely low: 19-25
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burbank airport, please. vegas, here we come! no husbands, no boyfriends, no rules. no rules? we're not gonna get drunk and have a six-way with the blue man group, are we? no. so there are some rules. bernadette: fine. no husbands, no boyfriends, some rules. thank you. vegaga the ladies are away, the boys will play.
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it's gonna get crazy.
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